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Tile Contractors Deserve a Profit!

My name is Luke Miller, I have started Tile Money with the singular purpose to help other tile contractors run a successful profitable tile business.

Working in the trade for the last 18 years I have observed too many talented men and women work too many late nights, weekends and holidays all because they failed to run a profitable business.

I myself have struggled tremendously to do this.

I believe that this has been detrimental to the tile installation industry.

I am grateful to observe so many talented men and women on social media taking our trade to levels it has never been before, the demand for beautiful tile is high. 

Now is the time to raise our prices and improve our small business'!

My podcast will be focused on topics to improve business, knowing what to charge, finding your niche customer, branding and advertising.

If you are interested in being notified of updates please fill out the forum below.

If you are interested in contributing by being interviewed or sharing advice I am very eager to hear from you!




My goal for this podcast is to have a conversation discussing subjects directly related to making money as a tile installer.


The place to ask and discuss business related questions such as, "how much should I be charging".


If you are in need of assistance improving your business I am eager to help. Email me and I will do my best to help you out.

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